Buy it Direct – Intake of Apprenticeships

We are looking at taking on 20 apprenticeships in the next few months, July-September. We looking at this time as we know the guys are finishing their school years and looking at what to do next. Also, college leavers are deciding on their next step.

We will likely bring them in and in the first month they will be exposed to different departments so that they can get an idea of our company and see perhaps where they feel they might enjoy working. It also allows our department heads to see who may excel in their departments. After this initial “induction” into the business we would then place them in their respective departments to complete their apprenticeship.

We have many departments within the business where the apprentices can get exposure to, namely;

  • Customer services
  • Sales
  • Commercial
  • Supply chain
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Technical team

There would be two groups. Those based at our Head Office at Huddersfield, so – CS, Sales, Commercial, supply chain, marketing, finance and IT. Then we would have our other group based at our Elland warehouse, so those would be logistics, warehousing and Technical.

I have also attached one of our flyers. Any applications can either come to me directly or the advertised careers email address.

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Human Resources Advisor
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