Easter news from the Careers / IAG Department

Work Experience 9th – 13th July 2018

 All Year 12 students are in the process of organising their work experience placements for July 2018 which is a compulsory requirement of their course. Our Sixth Form students make the contact to arrange their work experience by sending in a CV and/or going through an interview process to gain a placement. The paperwork and co-ordination of the placements are then organised by Heidi Haigh, Clerical Assistant for IAG. All placements require Health & Safety checks and we work with C&K Careers in this regard. The first batch of placements for Year 12 students who have already organised their Work Experience placements have been sent to C&K Careers. A parental consent form in duplicate will be sent out shortly and one copy has to be signed by both parent and student and returned to Sixth Form as soon as possible. Any student requiring support with their Work Experience can make an appointment to see Mrs Haigh at Sixth Form reception

The comments we received last year after another successful work experience week from both students and employers were overwhelmingly positive. Placements were secured in solicitors, schools, hospitals, engineers, estate agents and charity organisations to name just a few. Many students travelled to Leeds or Manchester each day and some gained a week in London. A couple of students even went abroad for their Work Experience! We are looking forward to another successful week of work experience in July.

To support students with both UCAS and employment/apprenticeship applications we encourage students to work in an area that they are interested in and part of their future aspirations.

All relevant documents and information relating to the work experience programme can be found on the

following link on the Careers Website;


Year 12 and 13 Careers Appointments

Yvonne McGibbon, Lindsy Walker or Heidi Haigh will be available to see 6th form students on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons in the 6th form Careers Office. Students can book an appointment with 6th form reception if they would like to discuss their career ideas and future plans.

Year 13 Tutorial – Mrs Aitken / Yvonne McGibbon / Heidi Haigh

Students have been continuing with research into apprenticeships and job opportunities. Students are having 1:1 interviews to update our Information, Advice and Guidance team (IAG) on their progress. They are offered further guidance with the IAG team before leaving Brighouse High School Sixth Form Centre.

L4L Sessions / Joint Careers Fair

In the last few weeks we have had National Careers Week, the National Apprenticeship Week and British Science Week. Students have been encouraged to get involved in local events and have had a programme of events for their L4L sessions.


All students and parents were given the opportunity to attend the Joint Careers Fair at The Mirfield Free Grammar on 14th March. The event was well attended with over 60 different organisations including universities in attendance. Some live apprenticeship vacancies were available for students to apply for and the Police were recruiting on the evening also. We are very grateful for these opportunities that are available to our students to keep them up to date with their future career choices.

Year 8 Super Learning Day

 On the 30th January, Year 8 students were off timetable and participated in a Super Learning Day focusing on Stereotyping, Prejudice, Discrimination, Equal Opportunities, Teamwork and Communication Skills. Many of the resources were provided by our Careers Business Ambassador Martin Haigh of Lattitude7.  Throughout the day students were able to develop skills that employers value in the workplace. Feedback from the day has been excellent with the day filled with lots of fun activities.

Students completed different activities throughout the day including a Biological Challenge, a Minefield, Jigsaws, Domino Rally, Helium Sticks and Recognition Circle. Further activities were paper based which included an ice breaker of Bingo, Jamie & Joanne, Men & Women and Learn About Me!  Students were able to vote for the student in their form group who stood out and showed leadership skills. The successful student in each form group was awarded a Peer Award Certificate and a prize.


 Students in any year group can access The Careers Website to help them with their decisions, whether going on to Further/Higher Education or an Apprenticeship. Students can browse the different job areas to see how they link into subject choices.  Links to Apprenticeships, The World of Work and Latest News may have live vacancies to apply for. Higher Education/University Applicants shows the UCAS Website which enables students to research degrees at different Universities.  Students can also see if they should take a specific subject to get on the course of their choice in Year 9 and Year 11. Parents are able to access the Careers website at home with their child to help them make these decisions.