Echo Factory – A Music School with a difference – The UK’s most expensive cities for students

The real cost of uni

We know uni can be expensive. The good news is, your students can drastically reduce the cost depending on where they study.

A study by HSBC found the average student in Leicester spends £196 per week on rent and living costs compared to:
Manchester    £235
Brighton          £263 
Birmingham    £289
London           £315 

Not only that, private music schools like Echo Factory that offer university degrees do not bear the huge costs of traditional unis, and can afford to offer courses with cheaper annual fees.

Deciding where to study is a big decision but our team are here to help make it easier for your students. If they have questions about the cost of uni, careers in music, education options and employability, they can send us a message or request a call back

A Music School Created for Musicians by Musicians

Echo Factory was created to provide the highest level of professional music training. We offer degree courses in Music Performance, Business and Production, to empower students with the skills and confidence for success in the music industry. We are not in the business of training students for five minutes of fame. Our approach is rigorous and personalised for employability and longevity. We offer small classes, weekly one-to-one tuition and mentoring to develop our students’ talent and passions in the direction they choose.

With real-world experience from day one, Echo Factory students learn to effortlessly navigate the complexities of the music industry and seize amazing employment opportunities!

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