Kirklees College – Fresh Start Open Days, Huddersfield Saturday 26 January 10.30am-12.30pm Tuesday 26 March 5.30pm-7.30pm

New Beginnings – Courses available in all subjects – 16-18 Fresh Start

It’s not easy to make the right call on your college education the first time around. You’re still learning about yourself and what it is that you want to do long term, so we understand if you don’t get it right initially. With that in mind we have created this short guide, which outlines your course and Apprenticeship options here at Kirklees College, starting from January 2019.
The options listed in this guide are flexible and a programme of study will be created around your goals, so whatever you’re aiming for, we can make it happen. As well as being a grade 2 good rated college, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent learning environment with unrivalled support for all of our students, across all of our centres.
Not only that, but we also offer the following:

Bursaries are available to learners in the following 3 categories:

  1. Vulnerable Bursary for learners:
  • receiving Income Support
  • receiving ESA and DLA
  • In care or are care leavers
  1. Learners with an annual household income of under £26,000
  2. Learners with a household income of over £26,000, who demonstrate that money
    will be a barrier to completing their studies (dependent on remaining funds)
    Bursary eligible learners will receive a free monthly bus pass when
    they give us their half fare pass, which can be used seven days a week.
    You may be able to have free college meals if you or your parents
    receive particular benefits. The application form for the 16-19 Bursary
    Scheme and the Free College Meals is combined. So you don’t need
    to apply for the two funds separately.