Newsletter – University of Bradford


We wanted to keep in touch with you and let you know what the Outreach team are doing at the moment.

The webinar programme is continuing and we have added some fantastic academic webinars. These can be attended by students of all ages, parents and teachers and advisers. Just a note to say thank you to everyone that has booked on one of the Teacher and Adviser Conferences. The first one is taking place next week. Please send the details to colleagues as everyone is very welcome. 

We have created a newsletter which can be found here: newsletter here

We have also just launched our own Twitter account, so if you could follow us it would be appreciated. We will be keeping you up to date with what we are doing.


We have a fantastic range of Webinars for pre, post 16 and Access students that we are running over the coming months. There are some excellent ones on personal statements and information about how to gain work experience: Our academic team are also starting some really good ones shortly. These will be useful for anyone, but Year 11 and 12 students will find them very helpful in gaining an insight into subject areas and courses. 

Virtual Conferences for Teachers and Advisers May/June:

Join us for one of our Virtual Teachers & Advisers events on 20 May or 18 June, where we’ll tell you more about what we do, and give you plenty of invaluable advice on how to work effectively during the Covid-19 outbreak. BOOK HERE. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Senior UK/EU Recruitment Officer, Caroline Priestley, by emailing or calling 01274 235113.


The Recruitment and Outreach team are pleased to announce that we have launched our own twitter account @UniBradOutreach, so we can keep you in touch with our activities and how we can support you and your students, both now and in the future. If you and /or your school and college can follow us this would be greatly appreciated.


We have an excellent range of sessions where students can come along and chat to current students ambassadors and ask them lots of questions. We will also be on hand to answer questions and I have a Unibuddy account as well if anyone wants to chat this way.

 Progression Scheme:

The progression scheme is designed to benefit undergraduate applicants whose personal and educational circumstances mean they could be less likely to receive an offer based on our standard entry criteria:

 Pre 16 Activity:

Campus Quiz

Our campus quiz is a chance for you to explore a university campus using our virtual tour to see some of the ways universities are different to schools.

Budgeting Challenge

Our budgeting challenge is a fun game, to help you think about how you could best spend your money as a student. The instructions and the game board are attached.

We also have a dedicated page specifically for applicants on Frequently Asked Questions about applying during the Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak.